Participation in four international exhibitions in countries of targeted export market

Over the past few decades, construction industry in Europe and worldwidely needs new materials for formation of new floor coverings and renovation of existing ones, particularly those exploited upon aggressive environmental conditions, such as intensive traffic, precipitation, heating/freezing cycles and so on. The self-leveling compounds for floors from our company certified by the international quality certificate. It is a prefabricated dry self-leveling mixes for floors (at present,  not manufactured in Lithuania) intended for formation and repairing of flooring in premises of dwelling, commercial or industrial (as storehouses) purpose or on sites with intensive traffic (vehicles, loaders and so on). It is an upper self-leveling layer that can be poured on well-prepared concrete covering in commercial and industrial premises both indoors and outdoors. The newly formed flooring can be lacquered or painted in order to protect it against dirt that may damage the flooring.

The aim of participation in international exhibitions is a presentation of the new product of the enterprise (planned for manufacturing) on its stand thus increasing the competitive ability of the company.

The chosen 5 exhibitions conform to the topic Construction Industry and Building Materials.

The company plans to arrange an individual stand where a Lithuanian product will be presented.

In course of implementation of the project, the new building material will be presented and the knowledge of the project executors in manufacturing such materials will be deepened; in addition, new knowledge related to building materials manufacturing will be obtained.

The project is financed from European Regional Development Fund

The executor of the project: UAB Jursta

The total project value: 53’976.00 EUR

The amount allotted from for implementation of the project: 26’988.00 EUR

Project shall begin on: 05 November 2019

Project shall be completed on: 29 April 2022