On the base of the long-year experience in working with analogous products from the best-known European manufacturers, BALTMIX experts, together with Swedish technologists (the leaders in production of self-leveling screed mixes for floor), had improved the technology of superior pre-mixed dry concrete mortars for levelling, renovation, repair and injection of floors and concrete constructions

For the levelling and renovation of various types of floors, with very high resistance.

Our pumpable screeds are available in various colours and can be used, depending on the technical requirements, for various applications:

  • industrial floors (production halls, warehouses, …)
  • utility floors (offices, hospitals, museums, …)
  • design (galleries, showrooms)
  • private housing (houses, apartments, lofts, …)
  • subfloor for epoxy, parquet floors, linoleum or other floor coverings

BALTMIX is high-quality a pre-mixed dry powder, designed for use in domestic, commercial, agricultural and industrial buildings. It is a pumpable self-smoothing screed formulated from high aluminate cement, quartz, polymers, chemicals and others.

 Under normal conditions (from  +6°C to +25°C) footstep traffic onto the floor is possible after 1-3 hours and the normal loading after 3-7 days depending on ambient conditions.